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 The Aries woman is built from fire. She is independent, strong and focused. She is all or nothing. She is filled with ambition and passion. With the energies of a springtime ram, her brave heart can accomplish anything. She is an inspiration to other women. She is bold and spontaneous, a fearless warrior. ‘Her courage was her crown and she wore it like a queen’ (Atticus). Ruled by Mars, her great energy and enthusiasm to take charge of her own life means she believes in her dreams and ambitions.



 Ruled by sensuous Venus, the Taurus woman was born to love, and be loved. She is used to turning heads, and knows how to make the most of her Venus blessed assets. ‘She was life itself. Wild and free. Wonderfully chaotic. A perfectly put together mess’ (Evan Sanders, The Better Man Project). Emotionally, she is too strong and can survive the most challenging situations. The elegant bull. In the moment of need, she will rely on her own independence rather than on sympathy and support of others.


 Ruled by Mercury, the Gemini woman is the messenger, she is wise and curious. She is captivating, truly enchanting. Since she is the astrology sign of duality, she is quite the challenge. A paradox. A hurricane. Her smile lights up her eyes, and she charges the air around her with her electricity. She is mysterious and has an energy nobody can match. Creative and imaginative, adaptable and full of flexibility. She is idealistic with deep, private passions. Her heart wants roots but her mind wants wings.



 This woman wears her heart on her sleeve. She endures. She is the daisies bending in the wind and rain, always surviving. She is calm. Sympathetic. Her heart can heal any wound. The natural nurturer of the horoscope wheel, Cancer helps us connect. She is infectious. She is both peaceful and passionate. She is strong willed and persistent. She is emotional, symbolised by the Crab, with its in penetrable shell and vulnerable underside, she’s a host, a carer and a protector with the power of a ruler.


LEO - JULY 23 - AUGUST 22 

She is radiant, full of zeal and passion. Her words drip gold. She is an eternal flash of lightning, irreplaceable, one in a million. This woman has great energy, courage and honesty. Ruled by the great ball of fire that is the centre of our universe, the Sun, she possesses integrity, determination and she is a born leader. She is a gift to the world, filled with boundless opportunity. She sets the sky afire with bright light. She is organised and idealistic. Her enthusiasm is boundless, effortless.



She teaches us to serve, do impeccable work and prioritise ourselves and our loved ones. She is dedicated. She is resourceful. She is helpful and hardworking, Virgo energy focuses on organisation and rules under health and wellness. She is motivated and strong. She needs reminding that she can be hard on loved ones, but even harder on herself. She is powerful and full of magic. She is determined. She is in a league of her own, intelligent and precise, she is a masterpiece. This woman is something else.



 This woman embodies fairness, she believes in justice and balance. She is represented by scales, evenly weighted, flawless and complete. She is sociable, charismatic and captivating, drawing people to her. She thrives off people’s energy. She is unique and powerful. Beautiful. ‘She’s the kind of magic that you marry’ (Adrian Michael). Her beauty is in her eyes and her truth is reflected in her soul. She has value far greater than just her looks. She is strong as hell, spectacularly create


She lives a fate filled life. She is intense and powerful. She has a strong heart, made wild and from flame. ‘She is the descendant of the wild women you forgot’ (Nikita Gill, Meanwhile Poetry). She is a tough as steel, with an even tougher heart. She is mysterious, a femme fatale. She has provocative magnetism, filled with passion and allure. She is resilient, brave. Her spirit has strength that can crush mountains. She is louder, wider, more intense, more filled with fire than ever. A powerful storm.



 She is optimistic and strong, ruled by the powers of Jupiter, thiswoman isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. As a fire sign, she is brimming with passion, always looking for new possibilities, she knows the full power of her mind. This woman will go to great lengths to achieve her goals. In love with detail, she has just enough madness to make her interesting. This is a woman with the need for adventure. She doesn’t want to be bored with the same old things.



She is delightfully chaotic, a splendid adventure. Ruled by the driven and persistent mountain goat, she is wilful and determined. Her energy is loyal, structured and honest. She is the powerhouse of the Zodiac. ‘Her walk is like a shot of whisky. Neat and strong and full of purpose. And so many underestimate her punch’. (J.M. Storm). She can be traditional, organized and responsible, serious and hard-working. She has a pure heart, a heart that shines.



 The Aquarius Woman is both dazzling and terrifying, all at once. Governed by the Sun, she is strong willed, with a free spirit and an uncompromising devotion to life. Her bright Aqua energies mean she is both intelligent and imaginative, a passionate advocate for her own ideas. She is an edge walker with a wilder sense of adventure that offers her a world of possibilities. ‘You must burn brighter than ever because you are a Daughter of the Sun, and you belong only to yourself, not this world’ (Nikita Gill).



 Ruled by Neptune, this woman was born with subtle emotions, and secret mystic depth. She is friendly and kind-hearted but like a dream, she is so full of imagination, her mind swims at a depth, most would drown in. She comes from a planet of inspiration, receptivity and illusion. She has an open mind. She is beautiful but not like most, she is beautiful for her mind, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talks about something she loves.