After traveling to fashion hot spots around the world, we realized that Toronto fashion is behind other fashion capitals of the world. Our goal is to provide unique brands that will instantly be your new must-have clothing. 

We are proud to represent the BLKSHEEP women of the world who dare to step out of their comfort zone and be different. The definition of a BLKSHEEP women is someone who deviates from the normal, or common form, they stand out in a crowd.

BLKSHEEP is a family owned business that started in early 2013. We hope to become Toronto's leading boutique in women's fashion and bring our customers the most sought after brands. We strive to present the most up to date and trendy pieces, all while providing timeless classics. We hope to build our company in order to expand in the future.



We are always looking for people to collaborate with, if this is something that interests you, please email Info@blksheep.com with the type of collaboration you are interested in doing and someone will get back to you.

  • Must have an active Instagram
  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Must have minimum 15,000 followers