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Meet your new go-to mini, our beautifully pleated AMOUR MINI offers timeless elegance and comfort, plus it is a great dress to travel with! 


  • High neckline with three button closure at the back
  • Beautiful, hand-made pleats
  • Umbrella silhouette
  • No lining
  • Please refer to Garment Care for more details!


Model is wearing a S. Please refer to attached photo for sizing reference.

 Fabric Content

100% high grade pleated polyester


Buyer's Notes

All pleats are hand-done - meaning each dress is unique! Please keep this in mind as all pleats may differ <3 

You can size down in this one!

Garment Care

This garment should only be washed at a temperature below 30 .

Wash in a delicate laundry bag and machine wash on a gentle short cycle or hand washed gently.

Lay garments flat to dry, away from direct sunlight, in an open, well-ventilated area. 

Avoid wearing garment when wet as pleats may stretch out.

To store, please roll up the garment along the lines of the pleats and ensure nothing is folded on top of it. If hanging, make sure it is not pressed up against another garment/hard surface. Avoid hanging for long periods of time as it may affect the longterm look of your pleats!

PLEASE NOTE: This garment is not meant to be steamed! The pleats will open if you steam this garment! Pleats that open due to heat exposure are not able to be re-pleated.  If you experience your garment becoming wrinkled with wear, apply a little moisture by spraying with water & then restore the affected parts to their original form, then allow to dry per our care instructions.

NO dry cleaning.

NO tumble dry.

NO steam press or iron.

NO warm cycle wash or hand wash in hot water.

NO bleach. 


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